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     Why do people travel to Mongolia from such far flung countries?


     60% of our clients replied with one voice: "beautiful scenery". Our country is one of the biggest in the world, from East to West 1500 miles and 80% of this is untouched by humans. So travellers dream of discovering new and wild land and fascinating nature. If you want to explore exotic and untouched places, one of the best ways is our "Beauty of Mongolia Tour". This trip allows you to visit a wide assortment of beautiful and wonderful places in Mongolia, including sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, vast steppe & mountains, freshwater lakes and rivers, ancient monasteries and temples.


     You can choose your travel plan from the following 4 basic itineraries and our travelling plan is quite flexible for you. If you let us know your more desired routes and attractions, we can adjust your travelling plan based on your wish merely.